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  2. D.R.G.M. Deutsche Reich Gebrauchs Muster 1877 - 1945 Jahr D.R.P. 1877 x -3411 1878 3412 - 6679 1879 6680 - 11626 1880 11627 - 15416 1881 15417 - 18780 1882 18781 -
  3. Lee, these are patent numbers in the German system. The D.R.P. signifies Deutsche Reich Patent, an original and full patent with up to 15 years protection
  4. D.R.G.M., or sometimes DRGM, is not a German patent. It was instead a way for inventors to register a product's design or function in all states within Germany
  5. D.r.g.m. patent numbers. Dolce Gabbana Sneaker, Schuhe, Hemden, Jeans, Shirts, Jacken aus der aktuellen Kollektio D.R.G.M. Deutsche Reich Gebrauchs Muster 1877 -

The abbreviation D.R.G.M. or DRGM means utility model of the German Reich (Deutsches Reichsgebrauchsmuster) and refers to utility models applied for between 1891 D.R.G.M. Deutsches Reichsgebrauchsmuster 1891-1945 Nach der Reichsgründung 1871 wurde zunächst kontrovers auch über einen einheitlichen Patentschutz diskutiert. Auf D r g m patent numbers Neuanmeldungen sind in diesem Jahr erfolgt. Gebrauchsmuster in Kraft, 13. Beschreibung: Glockenkorkenzieher mit verdeckter Hebefeder u. The main Das Gebrauchsmuster ist der kleine Bruder des Patents und ein Schutzrecht des gewerblichen Rechtsschutzes.Die Unterschiede zum Patent sind mit den letzten ISSUE DATES AND PATENT NUMBERS SINCE 1836: BY YEAR -- 1836 TO 2001 BY ISSUE DATE -- 1963 - 12/1994 (With addendum for issue dates from 1995 - 2001) April 2002 U.S

Description: Corkscrew with split frame and sliding ring to hold the frame together. Material: steel, wood. Markings: G.M. N o 7609 COLUMBUS. Remark: Manufactured only Notice how it corresponds to the picture directly below, which has 4 numbers: OE.P. 103185; D.R.G.M. 168160; D.R.P. 145366; and OE.P. 12753. It is safe to assume The UK and German patent numbers?? (UK 420349 and D.R.G.M. 1321938). Indeed, a search through the British Patent Office revealed that Piet Hein got his UK

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D.R.G.M. registered products were protected either for their way of intended use or design, but this did not include patent protection. Patent rights were secured The patent records still exist and can be found by the patent number found on the gun or by the gun maker's name. Patent angemeldet or DRP angemeldet means Hold in mind that a D.R.G.M. registration is not a patent, even if the application had to be filed at the patent office. The main reason for this incorrect

American patent numbers are usually associated with a date and/or a number with the # sign or just the abbreviation pat. Germany. D.R.P. or D.R. Ges. Gesch The mark D. R. G. M. stands for Deutsches Reich Gebrauchs Muster this is a utility model patent for commercially applicable inventions. D. R. P. or D. R Pat. The Some patent numbers, as displayed in the table, are 7 characters with the numeric portion padded with leading zeroes. Some numbers within a series may be unused

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Notice how it corresponds to the picture directly below, which has 4 numbers: OE.P. 103185; D.R.G.M. 168160; D.R.P. 145366; and OE.P. 12753. It is safe to assume, then, all of these numbers correspond to patents taken out by the same company. Moreover, it shows that the inkwell tops were manufactured by German companies in Czech territory The mark D. R. G. M. stands for Deutsches Reich Gebrauchs Muster this is a utility model patent for commercially applicable inventions. D. R. P. or D. R Pat. The models that has the letters DRP on the left and to the right DRGM on the front of the camera means that they were made before World War II, because DRP means 'Deutsches Reichs Patent' (German Reich Patent) and DRGM means 'Deutsches. The UK and German patent numbers?? (UK 420349 and D.R.G.M. 1321938). Indeed, a search through the British Patent Office revealed that Piet Hein got his UK patent as early as Nov. 29, 1934 (application date in UK March 20, 1934). It is now Saturday, March 8. 2002 Further search brought forth the actual Danish Patent, and we found that Piet Hein's invention of the Soma Cube goes back even. If a clock has a serial number it is usually stamped on the back plate of the movement. Listed below are manufacturers that used serial numbers. If you can find a serial number on your clock, you may be able to find the year in which it was made by . Click on the link to see the dating charts. Jean Vincenti & Co Antique and Vintage Inkwells. Overview. eBay (1003) Magazine. Show & Tell. Inkwells are as old as the written word. The first inkwells were probably just fist-sized stones with depressions in them, offering scribes a natural container in which to mix powdered pigments with various types of solvents for their quills and..

Carl Hartmann doll mark 10593 Globe Baby D.R.G.M. C. Hartmann Dep 6. Karl Hartmann doll mark HK 1911-1926 Stockheim. Hauser Company 1922+ also in Austria. Paul Hausmeister dolls 1909+ Göppingen, Germany. doll mark stork standing on one foot. Heber & Company bisque dolls 1900-1922 Neustadt - doll mark mold 514 HC 17/8. Else L. Hecht art doll mark Hecht Puppe 1913-1926. Heine & Schneider 1920. Serial Number Production List for several U.S. watch makes from PM Time Service; Swiss Movement Identification, downloadable books by Horloger-Rhabilleur; Specific Styles; Dating French Clocks by Scott Dean, Adobe Acrobat 808KB; Dating German Clocks by Douglas K. Stevenson, Adobe Acrobat 38KB; How To Date Your Grandfather Clock from Andrew Clayton Clock Repair; Identification of Comtoise from.

Deutsches Patent Angemeldet (German Patent Filed (Patent Pending) VEB Volkseigener Betrieb. (Country of origin for items that maybe exported, after 1892) ** Certain makers however are only identified by known D.R.G.M or Mustershutz marks which were used instead of maker's marks. The Gebrauchsmuster is slightly different from the Patent, in that processes and methods cannot be protected by. Patent Law Amendment Act combined the disparate series; numbers were reduced to '1' and a simple progression occurred until, on 1st January 1853, a new series started at '1'. This system continued until the end of 1915; from 1st January 1916, however, a new series began at '1' and ran on, supposedly ad infinitum, without regard to calendar years. The British system was well. Antique German and Austrian Clocks. Overview. eBay (983) Magazine. Show & Tell. The southern German states of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg, along with Germany's neighbor Austria, have been an important center for European clockmaking since the Renaissance. Bavaria is home to Augsburg, which was a locus for clockmaking in... The southern.

Hallmarked: D.R.G.M. = Deutches Reichsgebrauchsmuster (a patent number in the German system). Used from 1891 to 1949 Dimensions: 32x18x16 cm. (WXHXD) Weight: 960 grams. This lot will be packaged well and shipped registered. Nummerdetaljer Objekt Smuk ægholder med 6 æg kopper og salt shaker Materiale Forniklet, glas Producent / mærke DRGM Stil Art Deco Anslået periode 1920'erne / 1930'erne. Walther supplied 31,000 PPK pistols to the NSDAP in 1934 - 1936; based on the serial number, this pistol was made in 1934. Includes the original brown holster and a spare magazine; the holster is marked with D.R.G.M., Walther PPK, and with a logo for maker AKAH. RZM marked PPK pistols in this condition rarely come on the market. NIEDERMANN's Patent: Fig. 1 on page 3: Large model BÜCHI II A discrete device (two pins) allowed to measure slopes with the scales engraved on each side of the brown bakelite compass capsule casing (see techn. data) Here: 58% positive View of the side ruler On these compasses a reference is made to a NIEDERMANN patent. Albert Niedermann was.

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Mr G J Whitehead. Registered Patent Attorney. Registered Trade Marks Attorney. IPTA Fellow. Dr J P Wright. Registered Patent Attorney. Registered Trade Marks Attorney. IPTA Fellow. Fellows are members of the Institute being registered for a minimum of 5 years as patent attorneys and/or trade marks attorneys Marks: Brass plate FRANKONIA, A, D.R.G.M., stamp D.R.G.M. below horn, Number 41 written in pencil on blade bed and on back of wedge to ensure a good fit Age: > 1930 Maker: Friedrich Ott, Ochsenfurt/Germany Iron: 114x27x4 mm, tapered, non laminated Marks: none Maker: unknown Plane A, body: 140x40x40 mm Hornbea Serial Numbers: Serial numbers started in 1924 beginning with 0 and going through 999999 then rolling over to 0 again. There were three rollovers occurring in 1943-1944, 1954, and 1962. In general the production rate was about 70,000 rules per year until the 1950s. In the 1950s and it was over 100,000 per year. The 1960s had a production rate of about 100,000 per year for several years and. The most comprehensive collection of Stein Marks available, compiled by Chris Wheeler. Die vollständigste Sammlung von Marken auf Bierkrügen, zusammengestellt von Chris Wheele Serial number on the crossguard which is overstamped with J.REISS. Pitting and staining on the fullered blade. Green painted metal scabbard which is marked OEWG on the frog stud. Rarity: R3 Condition: VG Price: $225. German Post-WWI (Reichswehr) Bayonets. German 1898/05 Reichswehr Bavarian Bayonet 2nd pattern model with low ears and flashguard. Made by Alex Coppel and dated L14 for Bavaria.

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The ZEISS Archives contain original documents, files, photos, patents, registered designs, product literature, technical documentation and instruments from more than 150 years of company history. The Archives were established in 1948. This is where the rest of the written documentation was collected, documentation that survived WWII, the. Wäge -, Analytische - und Inspektionslösungen entlang der Wertschöpfungsketten. High-End-Produkte wie Industriewaagen, Rainin Pipetten oder Messgeräte für die Prozessanalytik. Wir helfen Kunden Ihre Prozesse einzugliedern, die Produktivität zu steigern, gesetzliche Bestimmungen zu erreichen und Kosten zu optimieren

Since pocket knives were used by a wide variety of craftsmen and tradespeople, they also come with a number of different features. These can include things like multiple blades or even tools like screwdrivers, can openers, or wire strippers. In fact, Swiss Army knives have been around since the late 1800s. For a truly useful and versatile antique pocket knife, you might consider a Swiss Army. All the serial numbers match. The bore is excellent and the pistol has 99% of its original blue. The serrated grips are very good with a small dent on the right side. This is not an Argentine 1905. This is a hard to fine 1905 in top condition! Add to Cart Campo Giro 9mm Largo (PR37226) Price $2,495.00 Made by Esperanza & Unceta 1913-1916. 9mm Largo caliber. Scarce Campo Giro automatic. We found no patent for the Menta, so we must assume it was covered by one or another of the utility models listed below, for which we have no information other than the bare description. It has been suggested that the method of barrel attachment, via a dovetail fitting from the rear, is based on a design by Alois Tomiska (or Tomischka): British patent 23927 of 1910. However, Tomiska's patent. Celluloid doll mark Penguin symbol PATENT Celluloid doll mark CH intertwined - possibly Christian Hopf : Celluloid doll mark diamond with a cross with double lines, possibly Japan . Celluloid Novelty Company 1874-1891 (USA) Newark, NJ celluloid jewelry and other fancy goods mark CNCo. intertwined. Convert & Company 1911-1930+ (FRA), made celluloid dolls, 1930+ Nani & Nano baby dolls, doll mark. Since 1991, Dr. Maria Wurm has worked in the area of IP protection and qualified as a German Patent Attorney and European Patent Attorney. She is a registered representative before the European Intellectual Property Office EUIPO. Dr. Maria Wurm studied woodworking science and technology at Hamburg University and at the University of Natural Resources of Vienna/Austria. She dealt with technical.

John Langdon explains why some Singer Sewing Machines have two serial numbers. British Singer Series Trade Cards. Keep the Children Entertained. All British Trade Cards from Jones. Flags and Naval Insignia There has been life on Earth for around 3.5 billion years. The first microscopic single-celled organisms resided in the world's oceans and gradually developed into complex, multicellular organisms, from dinosaurs in the beginning to mammals as we know them today. This was a result of evolution, which is driven by natural selection: only living things that successfully adapt to their. Standard and custom tools for working with valves, fittings, and other products from VICI, including appropriately-sized open end and hex wrenches. Tubing. Tubing of electroformed nickel tubing (EfNI), stainless, and various polymers in pre-cut and custom lengths. We offer 360 micron OD tubing in EfNI and PEEK, and all our PEEK tubing meets or.

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  1. gham silver plate makers, whith the addition of other British, Scottish and Irish silverplate makers and retailers, their trade marks and alphabetic symbols as E.P.N.S., Electroplated Nickel Silver, EPBM, Electroplated Britannia Metal, EPWM, Electroplate on White Metal, EPC, Electroplate On Copper, EPCA, Electro Plated.
  2. The patent number for this specimen is 533,818 with the patent belonging to S.W. & C.A. Kinney of St. Louis, Missouri. This steamer stands 16 1/4 high and has a diameter of 9 1/2. It is constructed like a tall cylinder with bracket and hook assemblies to hold two shelves. Water would be boiled in the bottom of the steamer and circulated throughout to cook the food. Due to the nature of the.
  3. The abbreviation on the blade D.R.G.M.a means - Deutsches Reich Gebrauchs Muster, the small letter a - stands for angemeldet, stands for patent protection of the design. In the open state, the knife is securely fixed with a bracket without backlash (longitudinal and transverse). Decent collection status. The knife was not in use, not sharpened. Open length 198 mm. Folded length 113 mm.

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Circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) molecular residual disease (MRD) following curative-intent treatment strongly predicts recurrence in multiple tumor types, but whether further treatment can improve. Armand Marseille Dolls. Some of the best known antique dolls made in Germany were made by Armand Marseille. In some ways, Armand Marseille was the Mattel of the German doll market, and the ubiquitous 390 dolly-faced bisque doll was the Barbie Doll . The most common German bisque doll to find is by far the Armand Marseille 390 and 370 D. R. G. M. 625263. The serial number is on the right side of the gun, behind the trigger. Many of the first variation guns are marked with a military inspection stamp in the form of a crown over a gothic letter M, R, or D, usually on the left side of the frame in front of the breech block. There are exceptions, such as the early serial numbers.

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D.R.G.M. toys. DRGM is often mistaken for a brand, but the initials stand for Deutsches Reichs Gebrauchmuster (see also it's predecessor: DBGM). and is some kind of 'copyright' patent protection mark, like a Utility Model. It is very similar to the patent, but usually has a shorter term -often 6 to 15 years- and less stringent patentability. CODE 3. CODE 4. CODE 5. ENIGMA. Can you decipher this code? Here's a hint: Z=A; +=1; ~=10. Enter the message in the space below. Try to figure out the code without using the decryption tool for every letter. Can you think of a faster or easier way to solve this puzzle publication number) (EP) Sistema de biblioteca electrónica que permite acceder a las imágenes en formato facsímile de los documentos de patente (selección a partir del número de publicación) (EP) BAGIS . Bundesamt für Geistiges Eigentum Informations System . Project for managing titles of protection (patents, trademarks, industrial designs, topographies of microelectronic. Antique Singers Patent MOP Dial Brass Compass, c. 1870. Code: BA16122001 SOLD: English 9K Gold Fob Compass with MOP Dial, Hallmarked 1901. Code: T20 SOLD: English 9K Gold Singers Patent Fob Compass, c. 1890. Code: T23 SOLD: Thin Open-Face Swiss Compass, c. 1920 . Code: BA20111102 SOLD: Antique German Gimballed Ships Compass by LUFFT, c. 1920 . Code: BA21021301 SOLD: Vintage Keuffel & Esser. They have been collated from a large number of sources over a long period of time, both documentary and from the buttons themselves, most of which have been recovered by metal detectorists. In general, dates should be regarded as approximate, and not exclusive unless the context indicates otherwise. It is also the case that there are some differences in respect of dating between the secondary.

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Example: 7 = D in a W - Answer - 7 Days in a Week Find the missing words that apply to the number. 1. 26 = L of the A 2. 7 = W of the A W 3. 1001 = A N 4. 12 = S of the Z 5. 54 = C in a D (with the J) 6. 9 = P in the S S 7. 88 = P K 8. 13 = S on the A F 9. 32 = D F at which W F 10. 18 = H on a G C 11. 90 = D in a R A 12. 200 = P for P G in M 13. 12 = D of J of N 14. 3 = B M (S H T R) 15. 4 = Q. Patent dates removed from front adjustment knob. Type 4 - (1900 to 1906) furnished with modern type frog, lateral adjustment and Bailey style lever cap. Sargent's 6/17/1879 patent date removed from dovetailed lug. Type 4a - (1903) has graduated scale added to interlocking gears on the side of the plane. These gears controled symmetrical movement of the front and back of the sole. Type 5.

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The right side is stamped 'Webley & Scott Ltd, Birmingham 4' and 'Webley Patents' (The pre 1958 area code 4 was removed from pistols post 1958 after a factory relocation, See Page 85 of Webley Air Pistols by Bruce). The forward barrel block is stamped '.177' calibre & the front of the cylinder stamped with number '740'. It has a blade foresight & adjustable rear sight and it cocks and fires. You can see U.S. Patent 4731962 for their Tensegritoy. It looks like they went out of business in 2005 replacing them with the numbers 1 and 2: Car on its LEFT on its RIGHT F E.CLA1 E.CLA1 C EF.LA2 EF.LA2 L EFC.AB EFC.AB A EFCL.B EFCL.B B E12LA. E12LA. Next, consider the second constraint, which again gives us two facts 3. L and C cannot be neighbors, and 4. L and A cannot be neighbors. Legals. The legal documents provided online are for your convenience only. In all cases the terms and conditions printed in the relevant sale catalogue and in written contracts for sale take precedence over the terms and conditions shown below

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Most double shotguns represented here. Double gun shotguns - Side by Side shotguns, and over under shotguns - Including drillings, double barreled rifles, combination guns. Makers - Darne, Merkel, Arrieta, Beretta, Browning, Holland, Purdey, Richards, Bernardelli, Parker, Fox, LC Smith, and most other double barreled shotgun, gun and double rifle makers Field Post Number 186 Jena, 11 October 1914 Dear Mr. Wittgenstein: Thank you very much for your greetings by card. I read with special satisfaction that you enlisted in the war as a volunteer, and I marvel that you are still able to pursue science. I hope I shall have the privilege of seeing you again after the war, in good health, and of pursuing our conversations further. Surely in this way. A 1962 patent application (USA Patent #3178986, German Patent #1235122) was made by Hermann Moeck which shows how the windway was to be lined either completely or in part by stable, moisture-absorbing materials. The final patent registered in 1974 (USA Patent #3988956, German Patent #2432423) used a different design in which an absorbent and very stable artificial chalk-like material was. Patent date on Pieper gun predates the guns manufacture. 824: Information on a shotgun marked Rev-O-Noc. 825: Trying to determine the model of a Stevens tip up pistol. 826: British tip up 38 caliber revolver. 827: Where to sell Custer items. 828: Looking for information on Brown & Tetley Pittsburg Pa. 82

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Department numbers Hospital map Parking Visiting times [ Home] [ Information for patients and visitors] [ About us] [ Have your say] [ Get involved] [ News] [ Work with us] [ Health professionals] Directory of Consultants. This page details names and contact numbers for our consultants. Scroll down the list or alternatively click on a letter in the table below to jump to those consultants. To see patent information from the DATAMP site FRANK MOSSBERG CO. (etc.) - - 5.25 X 11.25. Socket set in wooden box with 18 pieces. Can't read set number on decals but looks Like No. 11. Misc. Wrench Sets 0096. Heavy duty ratchet and socket set with an unmarked 21.5 reversible ratchet and five large square and five hex heavy duty 1 drive sockets in a wooden box with replaced sliding. Durchsuchen Sie jetzt 37.5 Millionen Lose. Stöbern Sie in Auktionskatalogen. Stöbern Sie in unseren Kategorien. Besuchen Sie unser Archiv mit über 37.5 Millionen Losen. Automatisch über neue Suchtreffer informiert werden. Analysieren Sie die Wertentwicklung Ihrer Lieblingskünstler Patent Number D-153,342 The DuraLux Coffee Maker appeared in this advertisement for Raleigh Cigarettes. In the 1940s, tobacco companies provided coupons with each pack ( and bonus coupons for cartons)

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It has measure marks 2, 4, 6 and 8 on the front with hash marks in between for the odd numbers. The bottom is embossed with Arcade Mfg. Co. Freeport Ill. with a number 3 in the middle. The catch cup has a tiny flea bite on the upper lip and an inclusion (looks like a scratch but is from when it was made) in the glass that starts right below the embossed r in Freeport Ill. and loops under. Das Adler-Kriegsrad (D. R. G. M. Nr. 56199), Fig. 15 bis 18, der Adler-Fahrradwerke vorm. H. Kleyer in Frankfurt a. Main ist leicht zusammen- oder aufklappbar, unbeschadet seiner Zuverlässigkeit und Steifigkeit. Zu diesem Zwecke sind die Rahmenstücke abcd und abef durch die um die Achse xx drehbaren Scharniere bei a und b fest verbunden. Jedes dieser Scharniere besteht aus zwei Hülsen, die. You searched for: Vintage! Etsy is the home to thousands of handmade, vintage, and one-of-a-kind products and gifts related to your search. No matter what you're looking for or where you are in the world, our global marketplace of sellers can help you find unique and affordable options. Let's get started